How To Dispose Of Old Kitchen Knives?

Even the highest quality knives have their lifespan, despite all the love and care. If your knives are starting to show signs of aging, are getting dull, losing handles, are rusty, bent, or missing pieces, maybe it’s time to invest in a new set. How to dispose of kitchen knives is probably the first question that pops in your mind.  

Since you can’t just walk to the trash can and throw knives away, we’re here to help you out. The four tips below are the best ways to dispose of old knives without risking anyone’s safety.

Are Kitchen Knives Recyclable?

If you’ve been wondering how to dispose of old kitchen knives, recycling is probably one of the first things that you think of. Being environmentally friendly is now more important than ever. However, not every metal recycling facility will accept your knives. Two factors decide whether there’s a possibility of recycling or not:

  • Type of metal;
  • The type of recycling facility near you.

Most centers accept knives made of steel, but your safest bet is to call various centers and get all the information straight from the source.

How To Dispose Of Old Kitchen Knives– 4 Ways

Dispose Of Old Kitchen Knives

  • Donate


Giving back is always the best alternative! If your old kitchen knives are in good condition, find charitable organizations in your area and donate them. Even if your knife set is not very usable according to your standards, less fortunate people might benefit a lot from your donation. There are several things that organizations can do to revive the knives and find them a great home.

Charities accept kitchen utensils, but just to be sure, get in touch first. If you really want to help and have free time, you can do a quick online search to see how you can bring new life to the old set so that they’re ready for their new owners. Other places to turn when you want to donate are shelters, thrift stores, soup kitchens, local culinary schools, and more. Use a knife sharpener beforehand so that whoever gets them can use them right away.

  • Recycle

As we already mentioned, several factors decide whether knives are recyclable. To get all the information you need, just get in touch with recycling companies or a recycling facility near you. Another option is to call your town dump and ask whether they recycle scrap metal. If your knives are made of stainless steel or carbon steel, they will probably be eligible for recycling.

When you decide to recycle your old set of knives, you can’t just throw them in the recycling bin. For everyone’s safety, you need to wrap the knives, secure the knife blade with tape or paper, then cover the set with cardboard.

  • Resale

Resale is so popular right now! You can earn a portion to finance your new set of knives by selling the old ones. Find a site online where you can list them and wait for the potential buyers to get in touch. The knives shouldn’t be too damaged, and it’s a nice gesture to sharpen them before sending them away.

Did you know that knife sharpening shops sometimes buy off kitchen knives? If none of the online markets work, you can call or visit a store and find out if they’re willing to buy your knives. Your final selling resort can be an auction store for valuable and vintage pieces.

  • Throw Away

If none of the other suggestions work, throwing the knives away is your final alternative. The thing is that you can’t just throw them in the garbage. First, contact your waste management service to see if you’re allowed to dispose of knives in the trash or if you have to take them straight to their facility.

You can also turn to your local police station. Some stations have a program where they accept knives just to keep them out of dangerous hands, or they can also advise you the best place where you can get rid of your old knives.

Before throwing them away, you’ll need to wrap the knives in bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper, making sure the edges are covered. Next, add a piece of cardboard on top and label it with the word “sharp.”


If you wanted to know how to dispose of kitchen knives, these four options are your best bet. The kitchen knife that is not a necessity in your home anymore can bring luck to many other less fortunate families. That’s why donating is the noblest thing you can do and should be the first alternative on your list.

Another great idea is to recycle. Chances are, there are several recycling centers or a town dump that will accept your knives. If you think that your set is in good condition, you can try selling it. When none of the other options work, contact your waste management service to determine where you can throw them out.

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