The Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife – The Top 7 on the Market

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Fish fillet knives have come a long way. Knowing that electric versions exist and some of them are pretty cheap and common can tell you that there is a high demand for them in the market. In this review we will try to help you find the best electric fish fillet knife that you can get for an affordable price.

There are some notable differences between an electric fish fillet knife and an electric one. The main one is that it makes the work of cutting and filleting fish much easier. But there is a little more depth to that.

Even though electric fish fillet knives can be much easier to use there are some notable downsides as well.

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The Upsides and Downsides of Using an Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Let’s firstly talk about what you gain when using an electric fillet knife. Cutting through fish is done much easier when electricity is there to do the job for you. But even though it is easier it does not mean that it is done better.

Many people that have done a lot of fish cutting and filleting know that an electric knife cannot do the job that a good and experienced human hand can do.

On the other side, people who do not have much experience will have a good time. Electric fish fillet knives give people much more control and are easier to use. And because of that they are much more common in these types of people.

Another downside of electric fish fillet knives is the fact that it is not portable. The need to plug the knife into an outlet each time you want to use it is a very big downside. This means that these electric knives cannot be used by people that need their knives in the outdoors. This includes fishermen, hikers and similar.
Other notable downsides with using an electric knife is that it will not last as long as a normal knife can. The fact that it works on electricity always gives you a chance that it can fail at any moment.

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The 7 Best Fish Fillet Knives

1. The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

This Cuisinart electric knife is a very good example of how an electric knife should look like and function. A very versatile and good looking knife for the price you pay.

The blade on this knife is made out of a standard stainless steel, nothing special but it does maintain its edge for a long time. A plus that you get when you purchase this electric knife is that it comes with two different blades. The first one is made to cut bread and the other one is specially made for cutting meat.

It also comes with a pretty looking wooden shelf for better storage. There is space for both of the blades and the knife handle. Speaking about the handle, it is an ergonomic handle specifically made to endure a lot of pressure. Do not be scared to use this knife for longer periods of time, it is one of its strengths.


  • Comes with two different blades
  • It also has a wooden shelf for better and easier storage
  • Very high quality ergonomic handle
  • Can endure a lot of stress
  • It is small enough to fit into tight spaces


  • Not too good at cutting through bones

2. The American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife, Stainless Steel

A crowd favorite for quite a long time now. This American Angle PRO electric fillet knife crushes its competitors with superior quality. It has a motor that runs on 110 volts, which is much more than most of the other electric fillet knives.

The thing that sets this knife apart from the others is really the blade. On purchase, it comes in two different types. You can order made from stainless steel, or the star of the show, titanium.

A blade made from titanium is a joy to use. You can cut through anything, every single thing you can name. The sheer strength and power of this blade is enough to make this knife one of the best on our list. It is a blessing if you want to work with tougher and bigger fish.

The handle is a very well-made ergonomically made so you do not suffer from fatigue from long usage.
Overall an amazing and magnificent knife for people who need to do heavy duty tasks with an electric knife.


  • Blade can be stainless steel or titanium
  • The titanium blade is extremely tough and durable
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce fatigue
  • A tough yet flexible knife
  • Crowd favorite for a long time


  • Can be a little expensive for some people

3. The Krups 371-70 OptiSlice Electric Knife

Krups 371-70 OptiSlice, White

This Krups electric knife packs a lot of power. Perhaps the most powerful electric knife that Krups has made, it is a very good knife for beginners alike.

A massive pro that this knife has is the fact that is sharpens itself. Meaning you will spend no time sharpening and making sure the blade has a sharp edge.

An amazing knife for cutting and filleting fish, but you shouldn’t be scared to use it on other types of meat. The good durability and strength of this knife ensures that it will not struggle to cut through tougher meat or even some bones.

Did we mention it is dishwasher safe? Yes, quite weird for an electric device. That makes cleaning this knife an ease.

Since this knife sharpens itself and you can also clean it in the dishwasher, makes this electric knife one of the easiest to maintain and take care of in our list.


  • Very good strength and durability
  • Powerful motor
  • Self sharpening blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can cut virtually any kind of meat


  • Shape can be a little awkward to use at first

4. The Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife

Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right

This Black & Decker electric knife is a definition of quality. Made from a well known company, this tool can serve as a all in one knife.

The blade on this knife is serrated, meaning you can use to cut bread and different types of fish. You shouldn’t limit this knife to only bread and fish though. This powerhouse can cut through anything: chicken, turkey, bones you name it.

The ergonomic handle on this knife is a joy to hold. It provides the user with a good and firm grip that does not loosen even if you use it for prolonged periods of time.

You can take out the blade from this knife and either hand wash them or you can put them in the dishwasher for easier cleaning.


  • Blades can be taken out for cleaning by a press of a button
  • Ergonomic handle will not loosen even if given a lot of stress
  • It has an activation key safety-lock
  • Very versatile, it can cut fish, chicken, pork, virtually anythingt


  • 9-inch blade can be too big for smaller cuts of meat
  • Reviews have claimed that the AC cord is shorter than usual
  • Doesn’t come with a carry bag

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5. The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty

Let’s talk about a true heavy duty knife. Having that in its name is telling you that this knife means business. This Rapala Heavy Duty electric fillet knife is like a pocket chainsaw. Having a 110 V supply, this thing is made for abuse.

The blade of this knife comes in at 7 and a half inches which makes it a short-medium sized knife. A very good for quick but tough work. This electric knife can cut through tougher meat and bones like nothing else. It is designed for heavy work and you shouldn’t be scared to use it to its full potential.

The ergonomic handle which has holes that perfectly control airflow, reduces fatigue and gives you a very good feel while holding.

We recommend this electric knife to people who want a very tough and versatile electric knife and can rely on it in every situation.


  • No work that this knife cannot do
  • Extremely durable and tough
  • AC cord is very long
  • 7 and a half inch long blade can be used for many different cuts
  • A strong, 110 V supply


  • Blade length can be a bit small for some cuts
  • Can be a bit expensive for some people

6. The Toastmaster 6102 Electric Carving Knife

Toastmaster White Electric Carving Knife

This Toastmaster electric carving knife is a knife that is very popular with professionals. Its unique shape and design is made for comfort and efficiency. Don’t be fooled by this knifes sleek and clean look though, it can endure a lot of stress.

The stainless steel blade on this knife can be popped right off with a press of a button to be cleaned either by hand or with a dishwasher. It is also serrated much like most of the other electric fillet knives. Serrations help you to cut bigger and thicker slices of meat.

This knife isn’t limited to only fish though, feel free to use it on ham, chicken pork and literally any kind of meat that you work with.

A difference between this electric knife and other ones is the handle. It is made to be held in a little more different way that an ordinary electric on non electric knives. This might be a blessing our a curse for some people. But once you learn how to hold and control this beast, you will have an easy time cutting through any kinds of meat.


  • Very versatile, it can cut though any meat
  • Blade can be removed for better and easier cleaning
  • Interesting and unique shape
  • Used by many professionals


  • Blade can be a bit short for many cuts being only 3 inc
  • Can be a bit wired to hold due to the unique handle shape
  • Is a bit on the heavier side

7. The Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

Berkley Electric Fillet Knife, 12-volt

This Berkley electric fillet knife is considered by many a classic. It isn’t much different than any ordinary fillet knife. This knife screams quality.

The blade is a standard stainless steel blade which is very resistant to corrosion and maintains its edge for a long time. It can be popped off just with a press of a button to either clean it or store it.

It has a safety lock mechanism so you do not turn it on by accident and hurt yourself.

A big pro about this knife is the handle. It has one of the best shapes to suit your hand and bring you comfort when holding.


  • Strong 110 V supply
  • Ergonomic handle designle
  • Rust resistant stainless steel blade
  • Blade can be removed by a press of a button
  • Standard knife shape


  • People argue that the AC cord on this knife is a bit short
  • Does not really aesthetically stand out from other knives


As you can see, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you buy an electric fillet knife. We hope that we cleared some of the pros and cons of using an electric knife versus using an ordinary knife.

By using an electric knife over a normal handheld knife, you save a couple of things. First of all, time. Using a electric knife over a normal knife saves you a lot of time especially when you are working with big amounts of fish or other meat. Another thing is that you save money.

You must have seen how some professional and high-quality knives can go for massive amounts of money. Maybe even above $200, but buying an electric one most often will cost you not more than $80. And these are the reasons that should convince you to buy an electric fillet knife over a normal knife.

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