Forged in Fire Knives Review – Are they Worth it?

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Forged in Fire is a TV show that you might have or have not seen. It is a show that airs on the History Channel. It is a show where a group of people who have knowledge and understanding of weapons that were used long time ago craft and recreate the same ones. The show is interesting on its own. Now, however, they have started to market and sell knives that have their name. So, let’s dive into the Forged In Fire knives review. Do they live up the promised quality?

The Commercial

First of all let’s see what Forged in Fire really promises us. Their commercial that got people very hyped up.This is a very high-budget made commercial that uses a lot of tricks to get the audiences attention.

They show their chef’s knife to cut a lot of different unordinary things, such as a block of ice, an avocado together with the seed, a row of water bottles and even another knife.

We can understand a knife being able to cut through a lot of different things but this commercial does not really give people a good picture of what is supposed to be work for an ordinary chef’s knife.

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Are There Any Proofs

There are videos online where people really test out these claims, and most of them turn out to be true. People cut avocados, blocks of ice, water bottles with the knife which is impressive on its own. They claim that the knives come in “razor-sharp” conditions and are ready to do the job. On top of that they claim that their handle is non-slip and will remain non-slip under any conditions.

A lot of people get really hyped up and want to buy this knife as soon as they see this commercial but we need to take a look at some other important stuff before we say that this knife brand is really telling us the truth.

Materials Used in Making the Knives

Forged in Fire Knives

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A big thing that people should know about a knife before buying it, of course, are the materials used to make it. The bigger part of this is aimed towards the blade but the material of the handle is a lot of times important as well.

Forged in Fire claim that their knives are made out of “Surgical steel” which sounds very promising to people who do not have much knowledge with steel and steel alloys. The term “surgical steel” can mean a lot of things. There are measurements that indicate how good of a quality that steel has. Lets take 440 as an example.

With that said we can see that when any type of knife commercial uses the term surgical steel it doesn’t always mean that that steel is good quality. In fact, one of the cheapest steels you can find today on the market is actually low quality surgical steel.

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Are They Telling Us the Truth?

Now of course, Forged in Fire does not say the exact quality of the surgical steel they use to make their knives and that is understandable.

There are a lot of materials that can be used to enhance the performance of a steel, such as carbon, chromium and much more. However, none of these things are cleared from the Forged in Fire commercial.

Let’s take for an example a steel alloy that has a good percentage of carbon in it. High carbon steels usually tend to maintain their edge for longer periods of time and don’t require as much maintenance from steels that don’t have much carbon in them. On other side they will rust much faster than the pure stainless steel knives.


  • Very good looking blade pattern and handle
  • Full-tang blade ensures good stability and sturdiness
  • Excellent at doing heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen
  • The paring knife companion is excellent for cutting smaller foods


  • Knives can be weak to wear and tear
  • Commercial exaggerates the knives’ abilites
  • They don’t clarify the steels quality

Forged in Fire Customer Service and Prices and Warranty

Forged in Fire Knives Set

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Let’s talk a bit about the most popular option from Forged in Fire knives. For relatively cheap, you can buy a chef’s knife together with a paring knife. Considering the claims that they make in their commercial this deal looks like a bargain. Which is in most of the cases.

Shipping on this set of knives comes quite cheap. But, there is a special deal where if you buy two of these sets the shipping becomes free. This is actually a very solid deal if you are looking for multiple knives for your kitchen.

Forged in Fire also gives a 50 year warranty for these knives. Yes, 50 years. You can almost say that is a lifetime warranty however this warranty is different than some other brand of knives. A couple of other cutlery making brand out there actually give a lifetime warranty where even if the user himself damages the knife or the knife simply wears off, they will replace, repair or sharpen the product free of charge.

This is not the case with Forged in Fire knives. The warranty says only if the knife is delivered to you damaged, or has any faulty workmanship then only you can send the product back and have it replaced or repaired.

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Things That the Warranty Does Not Cover

There are a couple of things that the warranty does not cover. Those are:

  • Wear and tear that comes with daily use of the knife
  • Damage to the knife done by the user of it,
  • Or simply mistreating the products

On top of that, sending the Forged in Fire product back for repair or replacement will come with a $10 shipping fee which can sometimes be a big turn off for the customers.

Other than that, the customer service provided by Forged in Fire seems to be pretty good according to reviews from other people.

The Forged in Fire Chef’s Knife

Now, let’s actually take a deep look into the knives and deconstruct every little detail they have on them. Looking at the picture you will surely see that the knives have a very good look and shine to them. The pattern that is on top of the blade, the wooden handle, and the very shiny finish of the knife gives us an idea that this knife is of very high quality. But let’s see from what and how is every part made.

First of all, the blade. This blade is a full-tang design which means that stability and good feel of this knife is going to be almost guaranteed. The length of this blade is 8 inches. This blade size is considered one of the bigger sizes and it can serve you in doing almost any heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen. Let’s not forget they cut through ice blocks and an avocado in the commercial.Good thing with this blade is that it comes razor-sharp and they claim that all parts of the edge are equally sharp.

Good and Interesting Facts About the Knives

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A very cool thing that Forged in Fire has, is that they mark each knife with a unique number. This supposedly means that each knife is unique and a story of its own. This is a cool concept that Forged in Fire has come up with. But, it doesn’t ensure the quality that the customers badly want.

Another interesting thing about these knives is actually the handle. It is made for people both with smaller and people with bigger hands. This dark red wooden handle guarantees a firm grip. No matter your hand size, and it will stay non slip even under the worst scenarios.

The Paring Knife Companion Knife

There isn’t much to talk about this little knife. It comes presumably for free together with the bigger chef’s knife.

It is very similar in design when compared to its big brother. This knife also has a full-tang design and has the same ergonomic non slip handle.

Used in cutting smaller fruits or vegetables that you might not need the big Forged in Fire chef’s knife for, it comes as a great addon for doing smaller duty tasks.

We think that this chef’s knife together with this little paring knife companion that it comes with is a overall a great deal considering the price of the products.

The Paring Knife Companion Knife

Absolutely, if you haven’t seen or tried one of these knives in action, we strongly advise you to get this pair and give it a fair chance. Some might say that the commercial that the Forged in Fire showed us on TV doesn’t really give a good representation of the knives which in a lot of cases can be actually true. But we can all agree that part of the marketing technique to make the product look good before someone buys it is to really overexaggerate the limits of the product.

Hopefully you will not try to cut through a block of ice or another knife like in the commercial. But the work of cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing food is what makes these knives amazing. People who enjoy a good knife should really give this Forged in Fire set a try.

Although there might be some better options out there for a single chef’s knife for this price, we cannot say that we are disappointed by the performance of these two knives.

We should also mention that even if you are not pleased by the performance of these knives, or you think that they don’t live up to their promised standards there is a solution. Forged in Fire gives out a 30 day money-back guarantee. The good thing about this guarantee is that it doesn’t start when you order the knives but rather when they arrive on your doorstep. So with that said, give these Forged in Fire knives a try and if you dislike them, give them back.


We hope we cleared some thing up a bit for the customers. Is the commercial only a marketing trick? Are these knives overhyped? What are they made from? Are they in good enough condition on arrival? Well, you probably already know that not all cheap products are always bad. The opposite is also true – not all expansive products are always good.

We think that this Forged in Fire knife set is a good deal. Especially for people who want a knife that will do most of the kitchen work without a problem. These knives are great for beginners in the kitchen. However, we cannot say the same for professional chefs or people that spend most of their day preparing food. Yes, this is a great deal for a chef’s knife. But, it is fairly obvious that knives that are in this price range will actually wear off over time.

And let’s remember that the 50 year warranty given to you with these knives does not cover wear and tear. That makes this set of Forged in Fire knives not a very good choice for busy cooks. Well, if all they’re buying it for is the warranty. Either way, if you’re a professional chef, you may want to take a look at a more durable knife.

On the other hand, if you are a home cook and don’t spend too much of your time in the kitchen, this Forged in Fire set might just be the perfect choice for you. You really do get great quality for the money.

All in all, the Forged in Fire set including a chef’s knife and a paring knife companion is a knife set that everyone should consider giving a shot.

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