7 Best Dishwasher-safe Knife Sets

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Do you want to buy a new knife set but pick something dishwasher-safe so that it will be easy to clean? So, here is our list for you!

A Guide to Pick the Perfect Knife Set

We all want to buy a set of knives once and for all. Indeed, we buy a set of knives on an average of 10 years. So, when we decide to buy a new one, we should prefer quality over price. Of course, every one of us has a budget more or less.

Thus, we decided to give you a quick guide so that you can pick the best knife for your needs. First of all, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Initially, we need to answer this question: “How much money can I spend on a knife set?” The knife-world has innumerable options. So, it does not mean that a cheaper knife has to be lower-quality. Yet, more expensive ones are almost always good quality.

Characteristics of a good knife

Even if you end up choosing something other than our recommended list, we would like to help you with what you need to look for in a good knife. These are the must-have properties in a knife.

For example; the first character in a good knife is having a full tang. It can be full tang or extended tang; it does not matter much. Yet, you should know that your knife may not be so durable if you end up with a half tang blade. Full tang is the type of tang that the blade does not finish where the handle starts but extends down the handle.

The second must-have characteristic is a good bolster. Even some bolsters do not provide great safety so, picking a knife with useful bolster is crucial against accidents in the kitchen. Do not even think of knives with no bolster.

The last one I would like to mention is the weight balance. A knife should have a good balance between handle and blade. Having no balance will end up loss of conformity here. Non-balanced knives will wear you down.

Before going to the dishwasher-safe list, we should remind you that even though these are dishwasher-friendly knives, wash it by hand whenever possible.

So, long story short, let’s get to our list of best dishwasher safe knife sets!

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#1 Hampton Forge Argentum 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Hampton Signature – Argentum – 14 Piece Knife Block Set

Hampton Forge’s Argentum 14-piece set is an above-average set at an affordable price. There is a total of 14 pieces in this whole set, including 11 different knives, honing steel, a pair of kitchen shears and a knife block. The total set includes a chef’s knife, bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, 6 pieces of steak knives.

The set is exceptionally well when it comes to weight balance between handles and blades. The blades, on the other hand, have a superior sharp edge which is good for having clean cuts with precision and accuracy.

Another thing I should tell is its design. It has a nice vintage look thanks to its rustic farmhouse look and if you have dark furniture in your kitchen, this set of knives will fit perfectly. The hammered steel handles look elegant and beautiful.

To conclude, we do not say this is the best one ever created; yet, we can say that this is a very cool set of knives for this money.


  • It has a good range of knives
  • A nice weight balance is a great aspect


  • It is not razor-sharp, needs honing

#2 Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-piece Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

The second one on our list a bit more expensive piece than the first one and this is a splendidly razor-sharp blade with different types of knives. The metal composition of all knives is all high-carbon stainless steel that is all full tang blades with heavy-duty forged bolsters.

Another thing that increases the knives’ durability is that the handles have three rivets and the handles are very ergonomic and their grips are greatly comfortable. Yet, unfortunately, the handles are polymer and I would have liked wooden handles to get fewer slips when wet.

The whole set has a total of 18 pieces, including 16 knives, a pair of kitchen shears, a block with a sharpener. When we look at the knives individually, we see two pieces of a paring knife, a boning knife, utility knife, a serrated bread knife, chef’s knife, santoku knife and a slicer knife along with 8 pieces of steak knives.

These are dishwasher-friendly knives but to maximize their lifetime, we recommend you wash them by hand.


  • The serrated utility knife is exceptionally well and fits in the hand
  • The knives are extremely sharp


  • Plastic handles are a bit of setback

#3 J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set

J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set with Cherry Block

J.A. Henckels is a German brand with three hundred years of experience under its belt. The company is notorious for its ruthlessly sharp blades and long durability. So, adding at least one product of J.A. Henckels is a no-brainer; so, we added two. Check the other one as well for a little bit more affordable option.

So, this one simply is the best knife set that we have on this list. We tried to make this list for different budgets but regardless of your budget, this is one of the best knives that you can have.

It has a great variety of knives in this set. Out of 19 pieces, 16 of them are knives and the three remaining are sharpening steel, a pair of kitchen shears and a wooden knife block.

Moreover, the block is abnormally elegant for me. It has a cherry finish color and it makes my kitchen clean and orderly all the time thanks to its 18 slots.

Stainless steel knives have a great technique and metal composition which cleanly slices a watermelon as if it was a kiwi.


  • High sharpness levels
  • It has a sturdy design


  • It is a less affordable option

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#4 Hanmaster Kitchen Knife Set 7-piece

Hanmaster Kitchen Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel 7-piece Razor Sharp Knife Set with Wooden Block for household and restaurant.

Hanmaster Kitchen is another German brand on our list and they deserve this spot thanks to its great hardness and toughness which make them fantastic for cutting. The high-carbon stainless steel matches the acacia knife block in color. The design is extremely well-thought.

The handles’ primary material is environmental resin and sandalwood which is exclusive material for tight and safe grip without having any slips. The appearance and feel are formidable thanks to their ergonomic shape. I felt like I was not getting tired after long use.

In the whole set, there are a total of 7 pieces with 5 knives and a pair of metal forged shears and acacia knife storage block. Consequently, the set of knives includes a 3.5-inch paring knife, 5-inch utility knife, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, 7-inch santoku knife. However, the selection of this small set of knives is quite well. The designers assessed the needs of their clients well.

Almost all the knives are multifunctional. The only daily task in the kitchen that a home cook would not be able to do is bone-breaking, maybe.


  • The sandalwood handle is very ergonomic, lovable
  • The average hardness is quite high


  • A boning or butcher’s knife would be good

#5 J.A. Henckels Silvercap Knife Block Set, 14-Piece

J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 19-piece Knife Set with Cherry Block

This is the more affordable J.A. Henckels option for you. This great brand offers a variety of price ranges for every budget and this one is especially for lower budgets; though, this does not mean that it is low-quality.

The knives are all lightweight with its full tang design. It brings lots of maneuverability to the blade. When it comes to blades, the blades are all single piece and the material is high-quality stainless steel and thanks to that, it offers long durability.

You should note that all the knives here are serrated. Serrated blades mean that the sharp end is sawlike. This has its disadvantages but one great advantage is that it never needs sharpening.

There is a total of 14 pieces in the whole set with 12 knives and a pair of kitchen shears and a black hardwood block. The set of knives includes a 3-inch paring and a 4-inch paring knife, a 5-inch utility knife, a 5-inch hollow edge santoku knife, an 8-inch bread knife, and an 8-inch chef’s knife along with 6 pieces of steak knives.


  • Serrated knife edges need no sharpening
  • Good range of knives


  • The handles are not very ergonomic

#6 Emojoy Knife Set, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Emojoy Knife Set, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden, Manual Sharpening for Chef Knife Set, German Stainless Steel Mother's Day Gift

Let’s get to a nice and affordable set, the Emojoy knife set. The blades are everlasting thanks to its high-quality steels with a 16-degree angle conical ground edge. The metal composition of the blades is high-carbon German stainless steel and the engineers of Emojoy decided to employ heat treatment for excessive hardness which would increase the resistance of stains and corrosion.

The handle has a solid and tight grip and as all German knives do, the knives have great bolsters for optimal weight balance. Thanks to the handles, cutting is much safer and needs less effort.

The whole set includes 18 pieces and 15 of them are knives. Thus, the knives are as follows: A chef’s knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, a santoku knife, a boning knife, a serrated knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a peeling knife along with 6 pieces of steak knives. Then, there is sharpening steel and a pair of shears. The elegant wooden block completes the set.


  • The peeling knife in the set works well
  • I like the ergonomic design of the handle


  • The set comes not sharpened, you need to hone it yourself

#7 AmazonBasics Premium 18-piece Kitchen Knife Set

AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

Amazon has been producing really good products lately and we simply liked their knife set as the knives have all the desired features for a knife. So, the knives are full tang and have three rivets to increase stability and control.

The primary material here in this set is high-quality stainless steel with precision-honed and due to that, it is sharp and stays sharp.

The knives in this set include a chef’s knife and a santoku knife as the main knife. Then, there is a bread knife, utility knife, boning knife, paring knife, and slicing knife. 8 pieces of steak knives complete the set. Apart from knives, there is a pair of shears, a sharpener and a storage block made of rubber-wood.


  • It has a great range of knives with its addition of slicing knife and boning knife
  • The overall control is very well


  • Durability is questionable as the production technique is just the average


To sum up, as we said before, you need to wash them by hand if possible. However, it does not mean they will rot or rust if you wash them in the dishwasher. It is only to maximize their lifetime. Yet another thing is that the dishwasher-safe knife sets we just recommended will save time for you. Send them to the dishwasher and done! Recommended for those who want to be on time.

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