Dalstrong Knives Review – Top 10 Dalstrong Knives Worth Buying

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As an experienced chef, I’ve noticed that Dalstrong, though a relatively new brand, has been gaining a lot of traction lately. In this Dalstrong knives review, I’ll be discussing the top 10 Dalstrong knives available today. Eager to uncover the reasons behind the ever-growing demand for Dalstrong knives, I’ve personally and thoroughly tested every knife on this list. So, let me share with you the insights I’ve gathered!

The 10 Best Dalstrong Offers

1. Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 9.5-inch Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Vacuum Treated (9.5" Chef Knife, Black)

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It was a pleasure to put the Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 9.5-inch chef’s knife to the test. It has more than earned its reputation, and after personally using it, I can confirm that this knife is a remarkable blend of function, durability, and aesthetic elegance.

Distinctive Appearance & Craftsmanship

True to its Japanese roots, the Dalstrong Shogun chef’s knife flaunts a striking ‘Tsunami Rose’ Damascus pattern. It’s an exquisite, eye-catching design that sets it apart in any kitchen, instantly adding an artistic touch. This pattern is not merely cosmetic; it is a product of the traditional Honbazuke 3-step finishing method that results in a beautifully mirror-polished edge, enhancing the blade’s appeal.

During my testing, I recall preparing a sushi dinner for friends. The knife didn’t just impress with its performance; it also sparked conversation and admiration for its unique design.

Superior Quality Materials & Blade Composition

The blade of the Dalstrong Shogun chef’s knife is precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon AUS-10V steel, which is known for its exceptional hardness. This specific choice of material leads to easy sharpening and results in a razor-sharp cutting edge.

The blade is strengthened further with 66 layers of SUS410 stainless steel – 33 layers on each side – enveloping the AUS-10V core. This added layering contributes to the knife’s extraordinary strength, durability, and stain resistance. I noticed this resilience firsthand when I used the knife to cut through a hefty winter squash; the blade never faltered, showing off its superior edge retention.

Ergonomic Design & Comfort

With a slight curve and a narrow blade width of 45.6mm, the blade demonstrates versatility in handling all types of food, from slicing through vegetables to carving meat. The 2.2mm thickness and full-tang design assure a high degree of durability and resilience. During my time with the knife, I felt confident handling a wide range of culinary tasks, never worrying about the blade’s breakage or deterioration.

The handle is fashioned from G-10 Garolite, a material that’s impressively resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. Its three-riveted design ensures a firm grip and enhances comfort during prolonged use. I found it easy to maintain control, even during marathon cooking sessions, largely due to the superior design of the handle.


  • Exceptional versatility for all kitchen tasks
  • Unique and eye-catching ‘Tsunami Rose’ Damascus pattern
  • High-quality AUS-10V core steel for superior sharpness and durability
  • Enhanced strength and stain resistance due to 66 layers of SUS410 stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle designed from heat, cold, and moisture-resistant G-10 Garolite


While I endeavored to find any potential drawbacks to provide a balanced review, my experience with the Dalstrong Shogun chef’s knife found none worth mentioning. However, every cook’s needs and preferences can vary, so it’s important to consider whether this knife’s specific features align with your requirements.


The Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 9.5-inch chef’s knife is not just a utensil; it’s a workhorse that brings a touch of beauty to your kitchen. Its high-quality materials, durability, and comfortable grip make it a pleasure to use. In my experience, it truly lives up to its reputation. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this knife has the potential to significantly elevate your culinary journey.

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2. Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 8-inch Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Vacuum Treated (8" X Chef Knife, Black)

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I have spent a considerable amount of time testing and evaluating the Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 8-inch chef’s knife. The hands-on experience has demonstrated to me that this knife is virtually at par with the 9.5-inch version in terms of its performance, despite the size difference.

Design & Aesthetics

Reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship found in the Dalstrong range, the 8-inch chef’s knife boasts a stunning design. Its Damascus pattern, coupled with a tsuchime finish, adds a touch of elegance while enhancing its practicality. This feature has proved particularly beneficial in my kitchen, where I noticed the pattern and finish working together to minimize drag and prevent food from sticking to the blade while I was chopping a variety of vegetables for a hearty salad.

Superior Blade Construction

The Gyoto 8’s blade comprises a core of AUS-10 vacuum heat-treated Japanese steel, renowned for its hardness measured at 62 on the Rockwell scale. Complementing the core are 66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel that augment the blade’s strength, stain resistance, and durability. This makes it a reliable choice for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

The three-step Honbazuke method, employed by Dalstrong, ensures an incredibly sharp edge, hand-finished to a mirror polish at an angle of 8-12 degrees per side. The blade’s performance is further optimized with a Nitrogen cooling technique, enhancing its flexibility, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Balanced Design & Comfortable Handling

Sporting a full-tang design, the Dalstrong Shogun Series 8-inch chef’s knife offers impeccable balance during use, and the risk of breakage is virtually non-existent. The handle, made from G-10, is hand-polished and designed ergonomically, providing superior control and comfort during prolonged use. The design is universal, fitting all hand sizes comfortably – something I appreciated while I spent hours cooking a multi-course meal for a family gathering.


  • Stunning design with a practical Damascus pattern
  • High-quality AUS-10 core for optimal hardness and sharpness
  • Layered with high-carbon stainless steel for strength and stain resistance
  • Impressively sharp with excellent edge retention due to Honbazuke sharpening
  • Full-tang design offering superior balance and durability


Just like with its 9.5-inch counterpart, I found no significant drawbacks in the Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 8-inch chef’s knife during my testing period. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that personal preferences may vary, and what works well for me may not align perfectly with your specific culinary needs.


In essence, the Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 8-inch chef’s knife proves to be a reliable, high-performing addition to any kitchen. It combines aesthetic appeal, superior materials, and a comfortable grip to deliver an exceptional culinary experience. Based on my personal experience, this knife is a worthy investment for those who appreciate the combination of design, performance, and durability in their culinary tools.

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3. Dalstrong Shogun Series 8.5-inch Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - 8.5" (216 mm) - Sheath

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Having used the Dalstrong Shogun Series 8.5-inch Kiritsuke chef’s knife in my kitchen, I’m eager to share my insights into the performance, design, and functionality of this unique piece of cutlery. Despite its distinct blade shape, this knife shares several similarities with the other models in the Shogun Series.

Quality & Performance

Firstly, the Dalstrong Shogun Series 8.5-inch knife is precision-forged from high-quality, high-carbon AUS-10V steel, identical to its counterparts. With a Rockwell hardness of 62+, this steel provides superb performance and impressive edge retention.

Like other models in the series, the blade incorporates alternating layers of SUS410 Damascus cladding. This feature not only enhances the blade’s stain-resistance and durability but also contributes to its visual appeal. Moreover, the application of precise cryogenic tempering using liquid nitrogen adds strength and flexibility to the blade, optimizing its overall performance.

I noticed these qualities during a seafood dinner preparation. The blade sliced through a salmon fillet with exceptional ease and precision, demonstrating the effective combination of hardness and flexibility.

Design & Usability

Upon initial inspection, the design of this knife genuinely impressed me. Though it exhibits the same beautiful ‘Tsunami Rose’ pattern as its counterparts, it appears particularly captivating due to the blade’s length and shape.

The 8.5-inch Kiritsuke knife features a long, straight edge with a sword-like tip, reminiscent of traditional Japanese yanagiba, or fish slicers. Simultaneously, it bears a resemblance to Japanese usuba knives typically used for cutting vegetables.

Traditionally, Kiritsuke knives are single-bevel blades, often used exclusively by master chefs as a symbol of status. However, this model breaks from tradition with a double-bevel or double-edged design, making it easier to handle for a wider range of users. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chef, you’ll find this knife manageable and efficient.


  • High-quality AUS-10V steel core for superior performance
  • 66 alternating layers of SUS410 stainless steel enhancing durability
  • Stunning and practical ‘Tsunami Rose’ design
  • Double-bevel edge, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced chefs


  • Some users may find the handle uncomfortable


In my experience, the Dalstrong Shogun Series 8.5-inch Kiritsuke chef’s knife is a cut above the rest. Its excellent performance, beautiful design, and usability make it a versatile addition to any kitchen. While the handle comfort might be subjective and vary between users, it did not pose an issue during my usage. This knife symbolizes the harmonious blend of traditional Japanese knife artistry with modern design, making it an essential tool for any culinary enthusiast.

4. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8-piece Knife Set

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Gladiator Series Knife Set - German HC Steel - Pakkawood Handles - 8 Pc

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Elevating the versatility quotient in my kitchen, I recently put the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8-piece knife set to the test. This diverse set comprises seven high-quality knives designed for various culinary tasks and an honing rod. Each knife offered a unique utility, making my cooking experience more convenient and efficient.

Detailed Knife Breakdown

The first knife I reached for was the 9-inch carving/slicing knife. I used it to debone a chicken, and it handled the task remarkably well. Later, when celebrating a friend’s birthday, the same knife also came handy to slice a rather intricate cake with ease.

However, the star of the show was the 8-inch chef’s knife. Its sharpness was indeed unmatched, efficiently catering to a broad spectrum of kitchen tasks. From dicing onions to slicing through tough meat, this versatile knife proved its worth in every situation.

The 9-inch bread knife, though slightly longer than expected, was another asset. Its length enabled me to cut through different types of bread with a single stroke. Furthermore, the knife’s robust build made it a suitable tool for cutting through hard-shelled fruits like melons and pineapples.

Additionally, the set included a 7-inch Santoku knife, perfect for chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables, and nuts, or even slicing cheese. The 6-inch utility knife proved to be an all-rounder, handling various miscellaneous tasks with aplomb. The 5.5-inch serrated knife was perfect for cutting small loaves and sausages, while the 3.75-inch paring knife excelled at detail work like peeling or making small cuts.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Each knife in the set is precision-forged from a single piece of ThyssenKrupp German steel, boasting a Rockwell hardness of 56. This steel is renowned for its exceptional wear and stain resistance, in addition to providing an ultra-sharp edge. The knives are hand-sharpened to a 16-degree angle per side, offering a delicate balance between sharpness and durability. Furthermore, the black pakkawood handle ensures maximum comfort, allowing for prolonged use without causing hand fatigue.


  • Comprehensive set, offering a solution for all kitchen tasks
  • Made from high-quality, durable German steel
  • Exceptionally sharp knives ensuring precision and ease of use
  • Comfortable pakkawood handle


  • The set lacks honing steel and kitchen shears


Having spent significant time using the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8-piece knife set, I can confidently vouch for its worth. The diverse range of knives in the set can cater to virtually all kitchen tasks, making this set an excellent addition to any kitchen. While the absence of honing steel and kitchen shears is a minor drawback, the overall quality and performance of the knives make this set a highly recommendable choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.

5. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel - 8" (200mm)

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The Dalstrong Shogun Series x Gyuto 9.5” chef’s knife certainly stole our hearts. Aside from being a part of this list, we also compared it with Wusthof’s Epicure chef’s knife, and it didn’t fail to impress us even when compared to a high-end knife manufacturer. That said, the only real competition the epic Shogun x Gyuto 9.5” chef’s knife has is Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” chef’s knife.

Crafted from high-quality German ThyssenKrupp steel – X50CrMoV15, the blade offers everything you hoped for – and then some! In fact, a number of high-end brands such as Wusthof and Zwilling J.A. Henckels use the same German steel. It is praised for its high rust resistance, but more importantly, it gives the best cutting edge.

The hand-polished cutting edge at 14-16 degrees per side is more than what we bargained for. Due to the 56+ Rockwell hardness, the Gladiator Series 8” chef’s knife ranks high in terms of strength and hardness.

At first glance, the blade seems a bit wider than what we’re used to, but this design has its benefits. As a matter of fact, it is designed to handle heavy-duty chopping, slicing, or dicing effortlessly. It also allows knuckle clearance.

Probably the most appealing detail about this knife is the black pakkawood handle. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the material is praised for its properties. Imported from Spain, it is famed for its strength as well as stain and sanitation resistance. Icing on the cake; it allows unlimited comfort and maneuverability. In addition, it features a full-tang design for better balance and resistance to breakage.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • High-quality German steel
  • Sharp with good edge retention
  • Full-tang construction
  • Comfortable pakkawood handle


  • None

6. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series 8-inch Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG - 8" Chef's Knife - Shadow Black Series - Black Titanium Nitride Coated - High Carbon - 7CR17MOV-X Vacuum Treated Steel- Sheath - NSF Certified

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Recently, I had the chance to test out the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8″ Chef’s Knife, and it certainly lived up to its reputation. This kitchen tool not only held its own against the acclaimed Shogun Series x Gyuto 9.5″ Chef’s Knife but also proved to be a fierce competitor.

Quality and Craftsmanship

At the heart of this knife’s impressive performance is its high-quality German ThyssenKrupp steel – X50CrMoV15 blade. This choice of material puts it in the same league as some top-tier brands such as Wusthof and Zwilling J.A. Henckels. Renowned for its superior rust resistance, this German steel also provides a stellar cutting edge, which enhances the knife’s overall performance.

A testament to its exceptional craftsmanship, the knife has a hand-polished edge, sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side. With a Rockwell hardness of 56+, the Gladiator Series 8″ chef’s knife excels in terms of both strength and durability.

Design and Usability

Upon first glance, the blade of this knife appears slightly wider than most traditional chef’s knives. However, during my testing, I found that this design aspect serves a purpose. It is expertly engineered for heavy-duty chopping, slicing, and dicing tasks. In one instance, I was able to chop through a large butternut squash with ease, demonstrating the knife’s impressive functionality. The wider design also ensures knuckle clearance, enhancing user comfort during extended cooking sessions.

The black pakkawood handle of the knife is another notable feature. Originating from Spain, this material is praised for its durability and resistance to stains and bacteria. But the real benefit lies in the comfort and maneuverability it provides during use. The knife also boasts a full-tang design, enhancing balance and minimizing the risk of breakage.


  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks
  • Affordable without compromising quality
  • Made from high-quality, durable German steel
  • Extremely sharp with excellent edge retention
  • Full-tang construction for balance and durability
  • Comfortable and sturdy pakkawood handle


  • Some users may find the wider blade design unusual, but it is a matter of personal preference.


Having personally tested the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8″ Chef’s Knife, I can confidently endorse its quality, durability, and performance. Its ability to effortlessly handle various cooking tasks coupled with its affordability makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced chefs. While the blade’s wider design may seem unconventional to some, its benefits are clear once you start using the knife. Overall, this chef’s knife is a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

7. Dalstrong Phantom Series ‘Dragon Spire’ Magnetic Walnut Wood 6-piece Knife Set

DALSTRONG Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon - AUS8 Steel (6-Piece Set w/Magnetic Block)

Among the plethora of exceptional kitchen tools that I’ve had the pleasure of testing, the Dalstrong Phantom Series ‘Dragon Spire’ knife set has genuinely left a lasting impression. With multiple positive customer reviews, I was eager to delve into the set myself, and it was well worth the anticipation.

The Assortment

This carefully curated set includes six distinctive knives, each with a unique role to play in the culinary arena: a 9” bread knife, a 9.5” Kiritsuke chef knife, an 8” chef’s knife, a 7” Santoku knife, a 5” utility knife, and a 4” paring knife. The diversity of the knife selection truly encourages versatility in the kitchen.

One particular instance where this set proved invaluable was during a recent dinner party. I was able to deftly slice crusty bread with the 9″ bread knife, precisely dice vegetables with the 7″ Santoku, and skillfully carve the roast with the 8″ chef’s knife.

Quality and Durability

Every knife in this set is precision-forged from a single piece of ice-tempered, high-carbon, Japanese AUS-8 steel, known for its superior strength and durability. With a Rockwell hardness of 58+, these knives are designed to withstand daily use and still maintain their edge remarkably well. Furthermore, the blades are nitrogen cooled, which enhances their hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, ensuring they are built to last.

Design and Comfort

The blades of these knives taper towards the tip, which not only makes them more durable and flexible but also enhances their cutting precision. This tapering is complemented by a full-tang construction, contributing to the knife’s stability and resilience against high hand pressure.

The handle design of these knives, crafted in a traditional Japanese D-shape and made from laminated pakkawood, is another appealing feature. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the handles provide superior comfort, fitting perfectly in the hand, and demonstrating high resistance to heat, cold, and moisture.

Magnetic ‘Dragon Spire’ Block

The crowning jewel of this set is undeniably the handmade walnut ‘Dragon Spire’ block. With embedded magnets on both sides of each column, it offers easy accessibility and the potential for expanding your knife collection while saving precious counter space.


  • Variety of knives for diverse kitchen tasks
  • Crafted from high-quality Japanese steel
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Comfortable, ergonomic pakkawood handles
  • Beautifully designed, space-saving ‘Dragon Spire’ knife block


  • The set lacks kitchen shears and a honing steel


From my personal experience with the Dalstrong Phantom Series ‘Dragon Spire’ knife set, I can confidently say that this combination of style, substance, and functionality makes it a stellar addition to any kitchen. While the lack of kitchen shears and a honing steel is a minor setback, the quality, diversity, and durability of the knives themselves make this set a worthy investment for both amateur cooks and seasoned chef

8. Dalstrong Shogun Series 7-inch Santoku Knife

DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel 67 Layers - Vacuum Treated - 7" (180mm)

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When I received the Dalstrong Shogun Series 7-inch Santoku knife, I knew immediately that it wasn’t just any ordinary Santoku knife. The term ‘Santoku’ translates to ‘three virtues’, representing the versatility this knife holds: it is equally efficient in slicing, mincing, and dicing. True to its name, this knife became a highly versatile tool in my culinary arsenal.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

What strikes me the most about this Dalstrong Shogun Santoku knife is its exceptional craftsmanship. The knife, meticulously crafted for over 60 days, brings a robust blend of tradition and innovation to my kitchen. Encased within the blade’s core is a vacuum-treated AUS-10V Japanese steel, a common element in all Shogun series products. With a Rockwell hardness rating of 62+, the blade’s hardness is indisputable, and the additional carbon content in the steel formula simplifies the sharpening process.

Precision Edge and Beautiful Design

The blade edge is hand-finished to a razor-sharp 8-12 degrees angle on both sides using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. This precision instilled confidence in every cut, whether I was slicing through a juicy tomato or dicing a stubborn root vegetable. To enhance hardness and flexibility, the steel undergoes an ice-hardening process. The inner core is impressively enveloped between 33 layers of premium stainless steel on each side, resulting in a mesmerizing Damascus pattern. This design detail is not only visually stunning but adds a layer of robustness to the blade.

Comfortable and Resilient Handle

The handle’s construction is another standout feature. Crafted from G-10 Garolite, this material is celebrated for its durability and resistance to heat and moisture. The handle is triple-riveted for extra resilience. The middle rivet, adorned with a beautiful mosaic design, adds a touch of aesthetic charm to the otherwise utilitarian tool. I found the handle to be incredibly comfortable, providing a balanced grip that made long cooking sessions far less strenuous.


  • Superior quality construction with AUS-10V Japanese steel
  • Versatile for slicing, mincing, and dicing
  • Remarkably sharp with excellent edge-retention
  • Beautiful Damascus design adds aesthetic appeal
  • Comfortable, balanced, and durable G-10 Garolite handle


  • On the expensive side, may not fit all budgets


In conclusion, the Dalstrong Shogun Series 7-inch Santoku knife is undoubtedly a premium addition to any kitchen. Its versatility, exceptional construction, and attention to detail set it apart from other knives in its category. While it is a bit pricey, its lasting performance and quality make it a worthwhile investment for passionate home cooks and professional chefs alike.

9. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7-inch Cleaver

DALSTRONG Cleaver - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel - 7" (178 mm) - Sheath

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Upon receiving the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7-inch cleaver, I realized that it defied the typical boundaries of a standard cleaver. While many might label a cleaver as either a meat cleaver or vegetable cleaver, this particular model combined the best of both worlds.

Highly Durable Blade

The first thing that caught my attention was the blade, precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel. The reputation of this German steel precedes it, recognized widely for its superior edge retention and resistance to wear and stains. Dalstrong’s craftsmanship has indeed done justice to the steel’s potential by molding it into an ultra-sharp blade. With an edge of 14-16 degrees per side, this cleaver impressed me with its precision. I recall one instance where I was preparing a summer fruit salad and the cleaver sliced through a thick watermelon with an ease that left me astounded.

Ergonomic and Sturdy Handle

Alongside the robust blade, the handle is another feather in its cap. The beautiful, ergonomic black pakkawood handle is laminated for extra strength. It also boasts stain and moisture resistance, making it durable in all conditions. The full-tang construction coupled with the three rivets contributes significantly to the overall balance of the knife. Holding it, I felt a sense of control and comfort that allowed me to operate with confidence.


  • Robust and durable construction
  • High-quality ThyssenKrupp German steel blade
  • Comfortable and resilient pakkawood handle
  • Versatile, functioning as both a meat and vegetable cleaver


  • On the heavier side, which might be a challenge for extended use


In wrapping up, the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 7-inch cleaver is a testament to both strength and versatility. It bridges the gap between meat and vegetable cleavers, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse kitchen needs. While it is slightly heavy, the superior construction, top-grade material, and dual functionality make it a worthwhile tool for any culinary enthusiast or professional chef. It’s not just a knife, but a powerful companion in the kitchen.

10. Dalstrong Shogun Series 12-inch Slicer

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife - 12" Granton Edge - Shogun Series - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Damascus - Vacuum Treated - Sheath

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The Dalstrong Shogun Series 12-inch slicer is an extraordinary piece that demanded my attention in an array of kitchen tools. As someone who doesn’t frequently delve into slicers, this specific piece left a strong impression on me.

Superior Construction and Blade Quality

The heart of this slicer from the Shogun series is its robust core, cloaked in 67 layers of SUS410 Damascus cladding. This exquisite construction provides the blade with unparalleled hardness, durability, and edge retention that sets it apart from ordinary knives. While working with this knife, I was reminded time and again of these impressive features, especially when slicing through a whole roasted chicken for a family dinner, where it demonstrated an impeccable edge retention.

Unprecedented Sharpness

What makes this slicer an unrivaled piece is undoubtedly its sharpness. With the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, the knife boasts a mirror-polished edge at 8-10 degrees per side. I have worked with numerous knives over the years, and I can confidently state that the Shogun Series 12-inch slicer ranks among the sharpest I have ever used.

The slicer’s blade, measuring at a thickness of 2.00 mm, effortlessly cuts through various food items. Whether it’s a juicy ham, a large turkey, or an array of roasts, the Shogun Series 12-inch slicer handles it all with finesse. However, it’s worth noting that such exceptional quality comes with a relatively high price tag.


  • High-quality Damascus steel construction
  • Elegant design that complements the functionality
  • Razor-sharp edge with impressive edge retention


  • The cost might be a deterrent for some buyers


The Dalstrong Shogun Series 12-inch slicer is an investment for your kitchen that justifies its premium pricing with its unmatched quality and performance. Its exemplary sharpness, combined with a design that exudes elegance, makes it a must-have tool for any culinary enthusiast or professional. Although the price might seem steep initially, the value it brings to the kitchen, in the long run, makes it worth every penny. This slicer isn’t just a kitchen tool – it’s a testament to Dalstrong’s dedication to quality and performance.


I hope this Dalstrong knives review helps you realize that you shouldn’t look past these knives only because there are other well-established brands out there. The knives that I just reviewed scored high in terms of quality, design, functionality, and performance, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a mighty partner in the kitchen.

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