Forever Sharp Knives Review – Are They Worth The Money

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When you need a new set of knives for your kitchen, it’s tempting to look at individual pieces or very expensive sets. But then you also have to ask yourself: how long will these knives last before you need to spend lots of time sharpening them or replacing them?

Many people have been interested in the Forever Sharp Knives ever since they hit the market, which are advertised as never needing sharpening throughout their effective lifespan. Today, let’s take a look at these knives and determine whether they actually remain sharp forever or if they’re not really worth your time and money.

What’s in the Box? Forever Sharp Classic Series Knives

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The Forever Sharp Knives box comes with 10 knives in total. 3 of these are the proprietary “Forever Sharp” varieties, which can be distinguished with their pronged ends. You also get a single fillet knife that’s perfect for cutting fish or gutting fresh catches.

Furthermore, you get 2 paring knives and 4 steak knives. An additional bonus to the set is a pair of gourmet juicing tools; you can stick these straight into any fresh fruit you have and extract the juice for your recipes or to add to cocktails.

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The Forever Sharp Knives are made with a unique and proprietary design, so although other knives may claim to be “forever sharp”, they still aren’t exactly the same as this specific set.

The knives are designed with two main attractions for each blade. The steel used for the blades is surgical quality – this essentially means that it’s very high-quality stainless steel that lasts a long time without being vulnerable to rust or corrosion. The blades are also serrated, which is much better for cutting through meat and other tough food materials compared to straight-edge blades. 

The serrated design is what gives this set its “no-sharpening” quality. Furthermore, the surgical steel means that each blade is pretty thin. If you use these with typical blade holders, you’ll find that there’s a lot of wiggle room for each knife. So you should be careful to thoroughly dry each blade when you wash them so you don’t end up dripping water down into your holder; this creates a good environment for bacteria.

The Forever Sharp Knives also come with ergonomic handles that make them easy to use for long stretches of time, even without needing to take a break. All the handles are black, so they aren’t particularly aesthetically complementary to many wooden kitchen sets, but they aren’t ugly either. You can see where your fingers are supposed to go on each handle to allow for optimum cutting strength and control.

The knives aren’t very heavy at all, with the entire box weighing under 2 pounds. In fact, each knife itself is extremely easy to use even if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength. Once again, the serrated design of the blades themselves makes it easy to cut through even tough chunks of meat without expending lots of effort. 

Are They Actually “Forever Sharp? Forever Sharp Classic Series Knives

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The knives are advertised as never needing sharpening throughout their life span, which is also supposed to be quite high (a “lifetime of service”). This being said, no cutting edge is actually permanently sharp if you use them for their intended purpose.

When you use a knife, or any wedge tool, to cut through any kind of material, no matter how soft or squishy, some of the knife’s edge becomes bent back, which reduces the potency of its wedge and makes it less sharp over time. This is why knives need to be constantly re-sharpened if you want them to maintain perfect piercing or slicing potential.

However, these knives being serrated means that the blade edges are designed with all kinds of little wedges on the main edge of the knife. Think of it as a series of tinier knifes all balanced along the main cutting edge of a given blade. This results in both a cutting and tearing motion whenever you use one of the knives, which is part of why they are so effective when you want to cut meat.

On the other hand, serrated knives are much trickier to sharpen because you need to individually sharpen every serrated “tooth” by themselves. Running a normal sharpening tool alongside the cutting edge of one of these knives is a recipe for disaster. You’ll just end up pushing down the serrated teeth of the knife and worsening its cutting potential.

But back to this set. Are these knives really forever sharp? Yes… and no. In theory, if you were to take care of them well and not use them too much on harder materials like stale bread, you could use these knives for at least 10 years on meat and other common food materials without seeing too much degradation of their cutting ability.

But this isn’t actually forever sharp, and we would be extremely surprised if you noticed no difference after using the knives frequently over and over. It is possible to sharpen serrated knives, and we would recommend sharpening this set after several weeks of use if you have the patience and time.

Still, these knives are pretty sharp compared to other affordable knife sets on the market. While the “forever” aspect of their title is partly a selling gimmick, it’s also partly true, and it makes this set very much worth your time and money.

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Speaking of budget, we’re impressed with the asking price given the number of knives you get with a set. You don’t get additional accessories beyond the juicing tools, but it’s still a great package if you want to pick up a gift for someone or you need to select a set of knives for your new home.

Warranty Forever Sharp Classic Series Knives

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The warranty that comes with the Forever Sharp Knives covers the blades in the event that they fail you catastrophically or if they become dull too quickly. You can do this by sending in a warranty slip or contacting the manufacturer and get a replacement for a knife that isn’t as sharp as it should be. This is another big boost to value for money and it’s something we would recommend you use since it technically lasts “forever”. The warranty, of course, is only really applicable so long as the manufacturer continues to make these particular knives, but it’s still a good bargain. 


  • Very good value for money overall
  • Comes with knives for almost every need
  • Handles are ergonomic
  • Steel is surgical grade and doesn’t easily corrode
  • Knives are capably sharp for most of their life span
  • Comes with additional juicing tools
  • Knives are very good at cutting meat


  • No bread knife
  • Knives do still require occasional sharpening over long lifespan
  • Blade thinness can make them easy to break or bend

Concluding Our Forever Sharp Knives Review

Ultimately, the Forever Sharp Knives are a decent set of affordable knives that offer a lot of bang for your buck. While they aren’t truly “forever” sharp, they are still sharper than many other relatively cheap knife sets that you can find on the market. For this reason, we would easily recommend them as a beginner knife set for those who primarily cut meat and fruit and who don’t need a bread knife. The added juicers and the included warranty round out the value overall.

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